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About Us: (who we are)

The Union of Kenya Civil Servants (UKCS) is the sole trade union body in Kenya legally mandated to organize and represent employees within the service of the Government in all matters relating to their terms and conditions of employment.

Historical background.

The Union of Kenya Civil Servants (UKCS) was formed in 1920 as a welfare association to cater for the rights and interests of Africans in the colonial civil service under the name Kenya African Civil Servants Association (KACSA)

The inception of the union commenced in 1959, under section eleven (11) of the Trade Union Act, Cap 233. It was accorded Collective Bargaining Rights and subsequently allowed the facilities of Check – Off system in 1962 was envisaged that by December 1980 membership would reach 100,000.

In 19th July, 1980 the Government illegally banned the union. The next 21 years saw unionisable civil servants became unionless. Union property was impounded, bank account frozen, both officials and employees unceremoniously bundled out of office without compensation. The ban was a major setback to effective representation and free collective bargaining especially during harsh economic hardships when thousands of innocent civil servants were retrenched without adequate compensation.

In December, 2001 the ban was lifted.

Our Mandate and Objects

UKCS objectives are to:

  1. Secure, promote and protect the welfare of members;
  2. Foster unity and nurture a culture of solidarity amongst all members.
  3. Promote professional development of union leaders and entire membership;
  4. Ensure safe and healthy workplaces;
  5. Keep an enlightened and empowered union leadership and membership;
  6. Increase participation of women, youth and workers with special needs in union activities, including leadership;
  7. Foster collaboration and networking with government, local trade unions, private sector, parliamentarians, and regional, international Union Federations/Confederations for development and implementation of supportive labour market policies and legislations.

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