Our Achievements

  • Union of Kenya Civil Servants on 14th May, 2004 signed a new Recognition Agreement and it obliged the Government to recognize the Union as the only legitimate body competent to represent workers in Job Group ‘A’ to ‘M’ and now open on all matters relating to their terms and conditions of service.
  • It was revised and on 4/10/2013

Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)

  • The negotiation, conclusion and signing of the inaugural Collective Bargaining Agreement between UKCS and the Government of the Republic of Kenya Signed on 18/10/2012.
  • The second and current CBA was signed on 27//06/2017
  • Successfully lobbied against attempts by the Government to undertake staff rationalization that would have had serious negative consequences on the employment and welfare of public servants.

Revised constitution with entrenchment of democratic principles of running the affairs

of the union including a new governance structure, empowerment